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The entry-level model of the P Series. Perfect for beginners with a serious interest in playing the piano!

Yamaha’s P Series digital pianos are loved by piano players around the world who want the comfortable feel of an acoustic piano in an instrument with a more manageable size and weight. The P-145 offers the minimal number of features in the P Series, focusing on offering a highly playable and authentic experience thanks to its simple design and ease of operations.

Compared to its predecessor, the all-new P-145 features a much shorter and thinner body design with a simple yet more modern and compact style. Our newly developed GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) 88-key keyboard is built to uncompromising standards and offers the same weighted acoustic piano-like playing feel as the GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keys used in previous models in the P Series.

We recommend this model for:

- Beginners with a real desire to start playing the piano, who are unsure of what instrument to select

- Players who are looking for a weighted keyboard that feels like an acoustic piano

- People who want a piano in their house but don’t have much space for it

Newly developed GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keyboard offers a realistic playing feel

One of the main concerns of piano players when purchasing a digital piano is related to the feel of the keyboard when they play.

Some of the things that players are specifically concerned with include whether they can feel the weight of the keys in their fingers as with a weighted acoustic piano keyboard; whether the keyboard will respond accurately when they play quicker passages; whether there are any inconsistencies between how hard they play the keys and the sound that results; and whether the keyboard offers a sufficient soft-to-loud dynamic range.

The GHS keyboards used in the P Series thus far have received high praise from customers for the excellent balance and ease of playing that was mentioned above.

The newly developed and more compact GHC (Graded Hammer Compact) keyboard on the new P Series reproduces the playing comfort of its predecessors in every way.

Keys ng playing feel.

Offering the sound of a full grand piano

This model features the sound of a Yamaha full concert grand, the CFIIIS: the origin of Yamaha’s premier concert grand pianos, the CFX.

The sound was sampled from a piano with a bright, transparent tone with a spacious treble and an overall solid sonic feel.

In addition, the P-145 features a damper resonance function that reproduces the rich resonance sound you hear when pressing the damper pedal, for an even fuller sound.

We hope that you will enjoy the profoundly deep character of this instrument’s sound, so characteristic of that of a real grand piano. It goes without saying that this instrument doesn’t require tuning.

Place the instrument wherever you like, or even take it with you

One trouble that plagues pianists is that the acoustic piano is not an instrument you normally carry with you wherever you go.

Another issue is that traditional pianos are often too large to fit into a room.

The P-145 provides a brilliant solution to these problems. With its stylish design—the most compact in the P Series—this model blends well with the decor of any room.

With the optional soft case, you can take the P-145 with you to the studio, to a party, to live gigs, or on a trip—whenever you need it.

*Headphones and pedal are optional


Features at a Glance:

  • 88-key digital piano perfect for serious beginners and those wanting a compact, straightforward digital piano
  • Shorter, thinner body than the P Series pianos that came before
  • Button-style interface is easy for anyone to use
  • Graded Hammer Compact (GHC) keys bring the beloved acoustic feel from past P Series instruments but with a more compact quality
  • 2 x 7-watt built-in speakers deliver balanced sound
  • Packed with the gorgeous voice of one of Yamaha's premier grand pianos: the CFIIIS
  • Connect your smart device to use with the Smart Piano app and unlock even more settings and educational tools
  • Max polyphony of 64 offers plenty of sonic real estate for serious beginners
  • 10 engaging voices to choose from
  • 10 voice demo songs and 10 piano preset songs
  • Easily record a song and share it via Rec'n'Share
  • Grab an optional LP-5A 3-pedal unit to expand expression capabilities




Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) Keyboard



Hammer Action


Wood Keyboard




Sound generation


Sounds / Tones

10 sounds


64 Voices


Reverb, Sound Boost


Dual Modus / Duo Modus




USB to Host


Oval (12 cm x 8 cm) x 2

Power (watts rms)

2x 7 W

Color/ Finish



11,1 kg


Owner’s Manual

Online Member Product Registration

Music rest, Footswitch, AC adaptor* (PA-150B)

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