Radial BigShot MIX Effects loop controller, class-A buffer

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The Radial Engineering Bigshot Mix True Bypass Effects Mixer is an innovative pedal that solves the problem of signal coloration and degradation that occurs with the use of effects.

As all guitarists and bassists know, effect pedals can often introduce noise along with the desired effect. They can also color your tone. The Bigshot Mix provides a buffer between your signal path and your effects loop. The amount of effect mixed with your clean signal is adjustable, and a polarity switch can be adjusted to account for the 180-degree phase variance most effect pedals introduce. The result is exactly the amount of effect saturation desired, with none of the problems usually associated with effects chains.

Built from 14-gauge steel and heavy-duty hardware for years of hard work, the Bigshot Mix is the "fix" that allows your effects to fulfill their potential without overpowering the natural tone of your guitar.

All the Effect, None of the Noise

You don't want to give up your beloved effects. You just don't want them being the controlling factor in your overall sound. The Bigshot Mix gets you what you want from your effects, without the fizz and crackle you don't want.

Polarity Switch

Many effects reverse your signal's polarity, but some do not. So the Bigshot Mix's polarity reverse is switchable. If the mix of your clean and affected signals leads to phase-cancellation, just flip the switch and all is well.

Great for Bass

Bassists especially know the downside of effects. Many bassists won't use any, precisely because of signal degradation. The Bigshot Mix lets you enjoy the expanded tonal palette offered by effetcs, without dragging your sound down into the mud.


Features at a Glance:

  • True Bypass effects mixer
  • Lets you mix any effect into your signal path
  • Buffered loop to reduce pedal noise

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