Neumann KMS 104 PLUS Vocalist Microphone, Cardioid, Nickel, Condenser Microphone Capsule, SG 105

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The KMS 104 PLUS is a studio-grade vocal microphone for stage use with a Neumann condenser capsule and all the virtues of a rugged stage microphone: excellent pop protection, enormous SPL capability, and high feedback resistance, thanks to its tight cardioid pattern. Compared to the KMS 104, the KMS 104 PLUS offers an extended bass response.


The KMS 104 PLUS is primarily designed as a handheld vocal microphone but can be used for other stage applications as well, due to its high SPL capability and wide dynamic range. Examples include percussion, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, harmonica, acoustic guitar, and guitar cabinets. The KMS 104 PLUS is also a superb microphone for home recording and broadcast applications. As the KMS 104 PLUS is optimized for close-mic placement, it will pick up a dry sound with very little ambience, which is a big advantage in untreated rooms.



  • Balanced sound with extended bass for extra “warmth”
  • Popular with female singers
  • Tight cardioid pattern without off-axis coloration
  • Unaffected by extreme sound pressure levels
  • Feedback resistant
  • Built-in pop screen

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