Meinl Byzance Brilliant 18in China


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Perfect Polish Meets Sizzling China Sound

Brash and trashy – just the way we like it – but with the medium, gong-like sustain you get from a broad diameter, Meinl’s 18″ Byzance Brilliant China is the kind of accent cymbal drummers here at MiTech Direct like to tell their friends about. When you hit it, you can really hear the depth and richness that’s characteristic of B20 bronze, and the high midrange accent balances out well against other percussion instruments in your rig. And it’s not just its sound that sizzles – when it comes to looks, the 6-times polished surface of this 18″ Byzance Brilliant China cymbal is sure to catch the stage lights.

Features at a Glance:

  • A brilliant and rich 18″ China cymbal for all kinds of music
  • Hand lathed, hammered, and polished to brilliant perfection
  • B20 bronze delivers a high-midrange sound that’s warm and rich
  • Medium-length sustain blooms and washes through the mix
  • Medium loudness fills out your kit nicely, without being overbearing

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