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Outstanding Baritone Ukulele from Kala

If you’re seeking to buy your first ukulele and don’t want to bustthe bank or sacrifice quality, the Kala Makala Classic uke is one of the best deals on the market. This quality ukulele offers great tonewoods, solid craftsmanship, and impeccable uke tone — all from a company that has been dedicated to ukes and nothing but ukes for decades. Affordability, craftsmanship, and stellar tone are hallmarks of Kala

Time-tested tonewoods

One of the standouts of the Makala Classic is its all-mahogany body. This time-tested tonewood is known for its rich tone as well as its gorgeous appearance. The beautiful, dark red hue of mahogany ages wonderfully in both tone and color. A lovely walnut fingerboard complements the mahogany and is richly responsive and instantly playable. Forming chords, finding new voicings, and creating your own style is what this uke is all about.

From Kala — the uke company

Kala is all about ukulele. In fact, ukes are all they make, and they make them exceedingly well. Kala is in no small part responsible for the strong resurgence of interest in ukuleles that we’ve seen since the mid-1990s. They design and manufacture over 120 different models made from a variety of woods, including lacewood, koa, mango, and many more, each imparting its own sonic characteristic and stylish beauty to these popular and iconic instruments.

Features at a Glance:

  • Affordable, quality-constructed baritone ukulele
  • All-mahogany body emits great tone and ages beautifully
  • Gorgeous walnut fingerboard is richly responsive and instantly playable
  • Satin finish accents the mahogany and protects the body
  • Geared tuners keep you in tune

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