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You're playing guitar and come up with a killer lick. Then it's gone. Like, forever. Sweetwater has a cable for that - the Memory Cable, from Gibson. Engineered by Tascam, the innovative Memory Cable is a 16' premium audio cable with an in-line MicroSD recorder. It'll record 13 hours of your musical ideas with uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1kHz CD-quality onto the included 4GB card. Use an inexpensive card reader to transfer files to your computer. Ideal for guitar, bass, drum machines, synthesizers, and all line-level signals, the Gibson Memory Cable is a must-have addition to your rig.


Features at a Glance:

  • Stores over 13 hours of audio with 4GB MicroSD card (included)
  • Continuous or auto recording (records only when you're playing)
  • Handles guitar, bass, drum machine, synthesizer, etc., and line-level signals
  • Uncompressed recording-CD-quality 44.1kHz/16-bit fidelity
  • Play through an amp for inspiration, while recording the dry signal for re-amping later
  • Record rehearsals via a mono bus on your PA mixer
  • Ultra-simple user interface, with included reference card
  • Insulated ends minimize the chance of shocks
  • Transfer files directly from MicroSD card to computer using a card reader
  • You can insert the MicroSD in a compatible smartphone and access the phone via USB
  • Uses AA main battery (standard or rechargeable, approximate 8 hour battery life)
  • Uses LR44 battery for Real Time Clock functions (approximate 1 year battery life)
  • Premium quality, low-capacitance 16' cable
  • Superbly cost-effective when compared with non-recording premium cables
  • Recording technology from TASCAM, a leader in hand-held portable recorders
  • Mac/Windows/iOS/Android compatible WAV file format

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