Elixir 16552 Optiweb Electric Light Heavy 0.10-0.46 3-PACK

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Long-lasting Natural Sounding Strings

Elixir strings have been a standout in the field of acoustic and electric strings for years. As the only company that coats the whole string, Elixir has created some of the longest lasting strings in the industry, which means more time playing and less time changing strings. With their Optiweb technology, Elixir has created their thinnest coating yet, giving you an essentially undetectable layer of protection between your fingers and the string. The feel and sound are natural, the tone crisp and present. Aimed at players who want the same feel and sound as an uncoated string, the Optiweb electric guitar strings are specially engineered to allow the string to vibrate freely. They also offer a precise grip on the strings, which Sweetwater players appreciate for bending and wide vibrato techniques. If you want strings that last while still enjoying the experience of untreated strings, check out the Elixir Optiwebs.



Features at a Glance:

  • Gauges: 010 .013 .017 .026. 036 .046
  • Incredibly thin Optiweb coating for natural feel and tone
  • Extra-long life means less changing and more playing

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