Line 6 Relay G70 Wireless Stompbox System


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Take the Stage with Line 6 Wireless

The Line 6 Relay G70 Digital Guitar Pedalboard Wireless System gives you tour-grade performance in a compact, stompbox format. Great whether you strum a 6-string or hold it down on bass, the Relay G70’s 24-bit audio, locking 1/4″ cable input (no special cable needed!), and rugged metal construction are designed to untether you from your amp and let you rock all over the stage. With 2.4GHz operation and DCL signal protection delivering interference-free performance, one-step setup, and license-free worldwide operation, going wireless with your guitar is easier than ever with the Line 6 Relay G70 Digital Guitar Pedalboard Wireless System.

Constructed to be the most roadworthy Relay system

The most rugged of Line 6’s Relay guitar wireless units, the G70 pedal board receiver is built to take your kicks and weather the road, gig after gig. You can rely on the all-metal construction to get you and your killer tone from the studio to band rehearsal to the Friday night show and back without worry. Leave the fragile gear for the bedroom player set and get your rock on with the Relay G70.

Support for multiple instruments

If you use more than one guitar onstage, you’ll love the Relay G70’s ability to support multiple transmitters. Just program your levels, signal routing, and output configurations to a compatible transmitter, plug in your guitar, and when you’re ready to play just switch it on and you are ready to rock! That’s how effortless it is to get the sound you want for each song, and do it wirelessly. There’s also an auxiliary 1/4″ input jack on receiver for plugging in directly without re-patching or the need for an additional transmitter, perfect for when you need to pick up your acoustic guitar for a song or two.

Cable Tone: the sound of a cable – without the cable!

You don’t want to be tethered to your amp, but that cable sure adds an undeniable character to your tone, doesn’t it? Excellent news! The G70 sports Line 6’s selectable Cable Tone technology, which simulates the subtle tonal effects of a standard 25-foot cable, giving you the freedom to rock from stage left to stage right – while sounding just like you’re wired.

Features at a Glance:

  • Constructed to be the most roadworthy Relay system
  • Support for multiple instruments
  • Cable Tone: the sound of a cable – without the cable!
  • Latest generation of 24-bit/48kHz uncompressed digital transmission
  • Studio quality DAC and ADC converters provide low latency and low-noise transmission
  • Rugged metal transmitter and receiver construction for years of use
  • Locking 1/4″ input on transmitter lets you use any cable you like
  • Switch between multiple transmitters for instrument changes with the tap of a toe
  • Program presets specific to give each instrument its own voice and its ready to go when you are
  • Rock all night with over 8 hours of battery life and 50+ hours of standby time
  • Avoid dropouts with built-in, calibrated, quad-antenna array with advanced dual receiver topology
  • Use the convenient onboard tuner or patch the dedicated tuner output to your favorite tuner pedal
  • XLR direct out with ground lift makes getting your sound anywhere you need it
  • Dual 1/4″ outputs keep your routing options flexible

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