CF Martin MM13 Acoustic Strings Retro Monel 13S

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The MM13 Retro acoustic guitar strings represent yet another quality, vintage-inspired set of strings in Martin’s Retro line. These strings harken back to the 1930s when nickel ruled the acoustic world. Made from Monel, a solid nickel/copper wrap, the MM13s let your acoustic’s natural wood tone ring through with a full low end, a high-end snap, and a solid midrange. The proprietary wrap on the MM13s is corrosion-resistant and impressively strong for long life and uncompromised tone.


Features at a Glance:

  • Vintage-inspired acoustic strings deliver superior acoustic tone
  • Monel nickel/copper alloy wrap wire is super strong and generates a cool vintage sonic vibe
  • Strings produce a crisp sound that mellows quickly to a warm, woody tone

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