Focusrite Clarett+ Interfaces

Clarett+ is Focusrite’s range of premium-quality USB audio interfaces for PC and Mac

Building on the strengths of the previous Clarett ranges with improved converters and professional quality mic preamps, Clarett+ interfaces inspire producers, engineers and artists to make their best music.

What's New:

• A newly chosen D-A converter yields greater dynamic range
• All-analogue Air circuitry
• Improved headphone outputs and DAC performance
• Rock-solid driver software for PC and Mac

Whether you’re multi-tracking a drum kit or connecting to synths and outboard equipment, Clarett+ 8Pre lets you constantly develop your musical ideas while always maintaining analogue purity and extreme audio clarity. Expand via ADAT to add eight inputs and outputs using Clarett OctoPre, and connect to MIDI and S/PDIF equipment to maximise your creative potential.

Featuring eight high-headroom, low-noise, low-distortion Clarett+ mic preamps and two JFET instrument inputs.

Clarett+ 4Pre brings collaborators together, with options to record up to 18 input channels simultaneously. Expand via ADAT using the Clarett OctoPre or other outboard hardware. Four analogue outputs and MIDI input and output makes Clarett+ 4Pre the centrepiece of the evolving recording studio.

Featuring four high-headroom, low-noise, low-distortion Clarett+ mic preamps two JFET instrument inputs.

Big recording session? Use ADAT to add 8 mic pres with Clarett OctoPre for a 10-input tracking environment. Keeping it simple? 15W USB bus-power Clarett 2Pre; hook up your mics or guitar and go.

Featuring two Clarett+ mic preamps and two JFET instrument inputs.

 Clarett VS Clarett+ Comparison: