TC Electronic Vortex Flanger - Toneprint Enabled Flanger with Stereo In/out

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Wherever Your Playing Takes You

An endless list of immortal artists have used the flange effect to create musical magic. From The Beatles to Pink Floyd to Van Halen, Metallica and the Red Hot Chili Peppers and beyond – thanks to VORTEX FLANGER, all of those sounds are instantly yours
for the rocking!

Subtle Woosh to 747 Landing

The two modes in VORTEX FLANGER are a classic pedal flanger capable of giving you everything from suble chorus tones to classic Van Halen jet flanger swoosh, and tape mode, which gives you the psychedelic sound of the original flange tones of Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. And it does fantastic ‘through zero’ sounds too!

Famous Flange Flavors

VORTEX takes the great pioneers of ’60s and ’70s flange and adds a set of deep controls, allowing you to sculpt and time your flange sounds with great precision. This allows you to quickly dial through the rich history of the legendary flange pioneers, such as Hendrix and Van Halen – or sculpt your own twisted sounds!


Features at a Glance:

  • Bag Set For Drum Sets
  • Rockbag Deluxe Line
  • Fits Most 5- Piece Drum Sets Plus Cymbals And Sticks
  • Solid And Water-Resistant Roktex® Material
  • Inside Lining: Black Nylon
  • 10 Mm / 0.39" Padding
  • 8 Mm / 0.31" Zip With Metal Zip-Hanger
  • Cushioned Carrier Handle
  • 1 Outside Zip Compartment For Accessories
  • Transparent Pocket For Business Cards
  • Outside Edges Strengthened By Double Stitched Nylon Material For More Stability
  • Pvc-Strengthened Bottom
  • Convenient Stick Bag Holds A Variety Of Mallets, Brushes And Sticks
  • Printed Rockbag® Logo
  • All Rockbag® Drum Bags Fit Drums With Rims Mounting
  • Black
  • Set Includes:
  • Bass Drum Bag (22" X 18")
  • Power Tom Bag (10" X 9")
  • Power Tom Bag (12" X 10")
  • Tom Tom Bag (14" X 12")
  • Snare Drum Bag (14" X 6.5")
  • Cymbal Bag (56 Cm / 22" )
  • Stick Bag
  • Weight 8.65 Kg / 19.07 Lbs

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