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The Sonor Gavin Harrison Signature Snare Silky Black is a 14"" x 5.25"" Gavin Harrison signature snare drum, made with 6-ply 6mm birch, and a silky black finish. Versatility and flexibility was clearly a very important part of the development of the Gavin Harrison signature snare drum. The sound is achieved with a birch wood shell with a thickness of 6mm, which is equipped with a S-Hoops and on the resonating side with a special Power Hoop. The snares consist of 8 wires made from stainless-steel, the heads come from the house of Remo. And even the aesthetics of the classic black satin finish of the shell allows it to be integrated into any setup.

The Snare reintroduces the vintage round bearing edge on top which SONOR last produced in 1975. On the bottom a modern 45 degree bearing edge is featured. Gavin‘s choice of lugs are the vintage Phonic lugs to add “mass” to the shell while eliminating stress from high tension. The Snares feature S-Hoops on the top side, and a special open, triple-flanged steel hoop on the bottom. Gavin loved the benefits of the new Dual Glide Snare System, but took the idea a little further. The open bottom hoop makes the Dual Glide strainer even more versatile, as multiple snare wires can be used and exchanged quickly.

Tuning the bottom head with the snares off is much easier. Gavin designed three special 8 strand snare wire configurations. The standard assembled snare wire is the “Straight 8”, which features 8 Stainless Steel strands in the center position. Another special feature is a set of three newly designed dampening rings (Light, Medium, Heavy) and they sit perfectly under the S-Hoop rim. Any range of overtone dampening can be achieved by using them separately or combined.

The snares are equipped with a Remo USA CS white coated, black dot batter head and a SONOR Medium Resonance head by Remo USA. As a touring Pro, Gavin has to tune and exchange heads on a regular basis. Over the years he developed his own technique, which led to the development of a set of two special designed tuning keys. The Protean keys make the exchange of heads and tuning, easier, faster and more convenient.


 Features at a Glance:

  • Size: 14"x 5.25"
  • Shell material: Birch, 6-ply, 6 mm
  • Hoops: S-Hoop top, special 2.3 mm Powerhoop bottom
  • Classic Sonor Phonic lugs
  • Playing head: Remo USA CS Controlled Sound, coated white
  • Resonating head: Remo Ambassador Resonance, clear
  • Dual Glide Snare throw-off
  • SW 1408 S Snares with 8 stainless-steel wires
  • Hybrid shell bearing edge: classic round top, modern 45° bottom
  • Includes 2 Protean tuning keys
  • Includes 3 dampening rings, varying width (Light, Medium, Heavy)
  • Finish: Silky Black

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