Sennheiser Set 900 TV TX & Stethoset RX Complete System, 3.5mm Jack Plug, 3.5/6.3mm Adapter

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The Set 900 system lets you enjoy sound no matter what you are doing. If you are in a theatre or a concert hall equipped for infra-red transmission, you can adjust the volume at the receiver to suit your individual taste – allowing you to enjoy the event in optimum sound quality.


At home you can connect your Set 900 to your TV or hi-fi system. The cordless listening system guarantees you excellent sound that can be, for example, individually treble-emphasized. With its separately switchable microphone amplification the receiver is just like reading glasses for your ears: speech becomes more understandable, making conversation easier. The activated microphones also improve your ability to perceive ambient noises such as the ringing of a telephone while watching TV.

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