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The Blackstar LT-Metal is specifically designed for the high gain needs of today's guitarist! From vintage to modern, any metal tone is easily within reach using the LT-Metal and its patented Infinite Shape Feature circuit.

Versatile tone and gain shaping

Patented ISF circuit provides limitless adjustment of the Tone control.
Patent-Applied-For gain stage built to mirror the tone and response of Blackstar's tube pedals.
Gain, Level controls for independent control of gain and output volume.

Classic and modern tones in a single package

Love classic British heavy metal? Maybe you're more into the modern scooped-mid sound? Whatever your taste, the Blackstar LT-Metal can handle it. Built to emulate tube gain and with total flexibility via the ISF circuit, this pedal will serve up any high-gain tone you're looking for.

Features at a Glance:

  • ISF, Tone, Gain, Level knobs
  • Gain, Level and Tone controls, plus patented ISF control
  • Patent-Applied-For clipping circuit
  • 9V battery powered
  • Small form-factor - great for pedalboards
  • Rugged construction

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